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Corporate Profile

Standard Fastners was started in 1980 by Mr. Yash Pal Arora. His sincere efforts leads the company to be reckoned as one of its kind in India. He has preparedness for taking on Global Market challenges implementing latest Technology inputs, delivering World Class Products Quality. Commitment to the Customers - helped us to establish an enviable Brand Image- a Bond based on the depth of Customers Value, Attitude, Relationship who percieve the brand to have unique advantages over others.

Thank you!....Brand Loyal Customers.


  • We are the manufacturers and exporters of

    • Bolts
    • Nuts

  • Specialist in manufacturing

    • Coupling Nuts
    • Cap Nuts
    • Casstle Nuts
    • Nylock Nuts
                using Mild steel or Stainless steel.
  • We have the facilities for

    • Heat & Chemical treatment
    • Testing of Precision High Tensile Fasteners, Nuts , Bolts and machined components
    • Including development of Engineering products to customer satisfaction

  • Quality Policy

    • To provide good service
    • In right time
    • In right quantity
    • With consistent quality


Emphasis on understanding Customer needs and striving for customer satisfaction.

Flexibility, understanding the market providing multiple options.

Customer service focused on their feed back and approach to TOTAL PROBLEM SOLVING.

Every function ( Production, Marketing and Sales) mutually consistent subsidiary goals which equate with Corporate goal.

Team with shared vision through HRD for personnel fulfillment and more responsive employees.

The Company is poised for a giant leap in the coming years by increasing its focus on R&D, for

  • Innovation

  • Perfecting the processes

  • Implementing defect reduction systems

  • Cost effective pricing & Consistent quality despite similarity in product

Surely inching to the top slot. Global marketing strategies are being resructured to boost Exports.

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